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  • Not sure what you are invested in?

    Check your investment or account number on your statement. If the account number starts with:
    IP followed by a series of numbers - you are invested in a Classic Investment Plan
    PP followed by a series of numbers – you are invested in a Classic Preservation Plan
    LA followed by a series of numbers – you are invested in a Classic Linked Life Annuity
    MV followed by a series of numbers – you are invested in MultiVest
    Only a series of numbers - you are invested in a unit trust investment

  • Classic Retirement Annuity Fund Rules

    All legislative material, including the registered Rules of the Fund are at all times available to the members. We welcome members to address questions concerning the Rules – to which our Trustees will respond.

  • Is there a maximum debit order that can be deducted?

    The maximum debit order amount STANLIB can deduct within a 60 day period is R500, 000; you can transfer any amount you wish.

  • How can I add money to my Unit Trust investment (make a top-up)?

    You can make a top-up in one of the following ways:

    • You can use internet banking. You just need to add STANLIB as a company beneficiary.
    • You can register on our STANLIB Online
    • You can load a once-off debit order
    • You can go to your nearest Standard Bank branch and fill in a deposit slip.

  • When do I receive my statement?

    Investors in the STANLIB Money Market Fund will receive consolidated statements monthly or quarterly should their investment value fall below R25 000.

    All other Investors will receive consolidated statements quarterly.

    IT3B and IT3C documents will be sent to investors by May each year.

  • Do I get some sort of confirmation of my investment?

    Yes, an investment pack is sent to you within seven days of receipt of a complete investment application.

  • How is the value date / price established for my investment?

    The value date/ price that investments (received with all necessary documentation) will receive will be as follows:

    • Where an instruction is received before close of business on day one, the price of business day two will be applied.
    • Where there is a debit order instruction, the client will receive the price of business day three.

  • What are the requirements for a trust?

    • A Trust Deed or other founding document
    • A Letter of Authority from Master of High Court
    • The Trustees’ Resolution authorising person/s to act
    • Personal details of each trustee, each beneficiary, the founder and person/s authorised to act
    • Proof of registered address of Master of High Court

  • What are the portfolio charges?

    Download Portfolio Charges document here.

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