Classic Investment Plan

The Classic Investment Plan is a flexible investment that gives you the freedom to tailor your investment according to your personal needs and risk profile. It offers you the opportunity to diversify your investment and minimise risk by blending collective investments, guaranteed fixed-interest instruments, and a bank call account in a single contract. You have the added flexibility of changing your portfolio weighting as your needs and risk profile change. In addition, you can benefit from rand cost averaging by phasing in your lump sum investment over a period of up to 24 months.

You have immediate and unlimited access to your investment without incurring penalties. This means that you have the option to either make regular or ad-hoc withdrawals from your investment.

The low-cost optional guaranteed death benefit ensures that your beneficiaries or dependants will receive the highest possible pay-out on your death.

Suitable Investors

The Classic Investment Plan is ideal for investors looking for total flexibility and freedom of choice to construct their investments according to their personal needs and risk tolerance levels.

Tax Implications

  • Income Tax is payable on income earned within the investment
  • Interest-bearing instruments are taxable in your hands
  • Capital gains tax is payable
  • Payments from purchased annuities structured within the investment, are only partly taxable
  • Dividends on local equities are taxed at 15% (Dividend Tax)
  • Dividends on foreign equities are subject to income tax

Minimum Investment

Lump sum: R50 000
Ad-hoc Contributions: R10 000
*Recurring Premiums: R1000 p.m and R12000 p.a

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Actual return:% vs. benchmark return of %
Annualised return:% vs. benchmark return of %

Figures quoted are from Morningstar for the period ending  for a lump sum, using NAV-NAV prices and do not take any upfront managers charge into account. Income distributions are declared on the ex-dividend date. Actual investment performance will differ based on the upfront managers charge applicable, the actual investment date and the date of reinvestment of income. Past performance is not necassarily an indication of future performance.
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