Our People and Culture

STANLIB is one of the largest fund managers in the country, and our established reputation is one of the benefits we offer our clients.

However, we also understand that in wealth creation, ‘big’ cannot mean ‘constrained’, which is why we celebrate a culture of innovation and creativity. We are managing other people’s money, and our aim is always to do this to the best of our ability. We believe that the only way we can help you meet your needs is if we are aware of those needs and committed to helping you achieve them.

The greatest attitude we have at STANLIB is our respect for your financial needs. We exist because of our clients, and our commitment to them is unshakeable.

Ours is a high-energy environment where we look for different perspectives on widely held beliefs and views. We are a company where individual talent flourishes, and we’re passionate about performance.

In the STANLIB team, you will find a mix of top investment professionals, analysts, technical experts, legal professionals and client service teams, all highly skilled and all focused on and committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

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Investment professionals

A flat management structure has been adopted in which investment professionals assume full responsibility and accountability for their own specialist propositions or investment areas, while still benefiting from the cooperation and cross-fertilisation of ideas that can take place in a larger organisation. The outcome is an environment that allows our talented and diverse team to operate with the energy and specialist focus of an investment boutique.

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