Corporate Social Investment

As a company with strong South African roots, STANLIB is passionate about contributing to the communities in which we operate. Improving the lives of people, across the board is at the heart of our Corporate Social Investment. STANLIB and our employees possess a diversity of skills and resources that we believe could have long-term, positive benefits for the community.

South Africa’s skills shortage is well documented and perhaps the best way to harness this country’s potential is through education. We believe that the responsibility of galvanizing education is not just a responsibility for government; it’s a goal that we all need to work towards.

At STANLIB we have a number of projects that we support and initiatives we have developed, all of which have ‘empowerment through education’ at its heart.  You can download our CSI Brochure here.

There are a range of existing and new initiatives that STANLIB has committed to; our goal is to ‘help make South Africa even greater’, one community at a time. By investing our resources in education, we feel that we can fast track development and help disadvantaged families escape the poverty trap; we want to make a difference as a company and as individuals.

In keeping with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) code of practice, STANLIB is committed to spending up to 1% of our net profit after tax. It is not only though this funding that we contribute; we also offer our time and support our staff in their own initiatives.

Smartbucks – Mind Your Moolah

STANLIB drives financial literacy in South Africa

Anyone can use a textbook or powerpoint presentation to teach financial lessons. But STANLIB wanted to truly capture the minds of young South Africans… to teach them, while touching their hearts. As South Africa’s largest unit trust company and a passionate investor in education, STANLIB has taken on the challenge of empowering as many young South Africans through the power of financial literacy.

And so, “Smartbucks, Mind your Moolah” was born.

It was a unique concept and a first in South Africa. Smartbucks was a movie produced and funded by STANLIB with the intention of teaching young people about budgeting and saving. Made in 2012, it starred popular comedians, Mpho “Popps” Modikoane and Toll A$$ Mo, in a township setting.

This year, STANLIB has produced Smartbucks 3, the third instalment of the movie franchise. It again stars “Popps” and uses true to life experiences that teenagers can relate to. It tackles some of the biggest challenges facing our youth: over indebtedness, lack of saving and wasteful spending. It does it through the movie’s four main characters; Faith, Katlego, Mam’ Gloria and T.T. Each of them is linked together by a game show – called ‘Mind your Moolah’. Each of the characters are ‘real’ in the experiences they bring to the screen, and that’s the film’s beauty – it is relatable.

Smartbucks 3 rolled out across Ster Kinekor cinemas countrywide, reaching 15 000 of some of the most disadvantaged high school learners. Schools were selected by the Department of Basic Education, who collaborated on the project. Learners enjoyed the cinema experience for free, and were given interactive booklets to reinforce the financial lessons in the film. So far, the campaign has empowered over 45 000 teenagers across South Africa. The movie was produced by The Monarchy Group, and the project was facilitated by Primestars Marketing. Sponsors include Liberty Life, Samsung, NYDA, Putco, Bidvest Steiner, Letlalo Interface and Gearhouse. STANLIB is committed to changing the lives of as many young South Africans as possible, and will continue to lead the financial literacy movement and empower our youth.



We sponsor learners from previously disadvantaged communities who have financial constraints to study at the top high schools throughout the country through our Schools Sponsorship Programme. Our Bursary scheme also sponsors students to study at a recognised South African tertiary institution. Depending on the needs of the students, the sponsorships include tuition, accommodation, book allowances and meal allowances. We also offer bursary recipients the opportunity to do vacation work at STANLIB over the school holidays to gain the relevant experience and offer them a better chance of succeeding in their studies.


School Adoption

In 2009 STANLIB adopted a number of underprivileged primary schools across the country. As part of the “adoption’ we assisted them with small renovations to buildings, cultivating vegetable gardens as well as buying books, sports equipment and school uniforms. Another great initiative was the introduction of lapdesks, a portable desk that was designed and manufactured in South Africa. Some 8,400 learners received lapdesks.

However, during 2011 STANLIB learned that government had declared many of our adopted schools as underperformers due to their unacceptably low scores in Mathematics and English.

STANLIB has since partnered with a government approved NGO, Teach South Africa, to assist the learners of our adopted schools in improving their knowledge. Ten university graduates who specialize in Mathematics and English have been recruited to assist at a cost of R2.4 million. Over a period of two years (January 2012 to December 2013), the graduates will be teaching Mathematics and English to Grades 5 to Grade 7 learners in five of our adopted schools. The Department of Basic Education has endorsed the initiative and these schools have welcomed the intervention.


Employee Matching Scheme

STANLIB employees give of their time and skills to a number of community-building projects each year in their individual capacity. These contributions are making a difference to our country, and in recognition of this, we have an employee matching scheme that will match contributions raised (up to a certain limit) by staff members for a Corporate Social Investment initiative they are passionate about.


Shari’ah Fund Donations

Our investors in the STANLIB Shari'ah Fund elect to donate their non-permissible income (NPI) to charity. STANLIB will be selecting various initiatives to donate money on our clients' behalf.