Medical Investments

STANLIB has several solutions available to medical aid fund clients, which take care of the specific regulatory and liquidity requirements that these clients have. Medical aid funds can choose to invest in a Regulation 29-compliant mixed-asset class fund or put their investments into our range of money market portfolios, or we can tailor a solution to meet a specific need.

Cash solutions

  • STANLIB has a range of near cash investments suitable for clients in need of liquidity or capital protection.
  • These are available as unit trust funds.
  • An exposure to a range of top quality counterparties spreads the risk.

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Non-cash solutions

  • Our Medical Investment Fund is a balanced investment portfolio that is Regulation 29 compliant.
  • It is available as a unit trust and aims to outperform inflation as measured by CPI, by 4% p.a.
  • It offers high levels of liquidity and is a convenient vehicle for a medical fund of any size.

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