Retirement Solutions

  • Equity

    STANLIB is an active, style-agnostic asset management provider. We understand that at certain times in the investment cycle, different styles of investment do better than others. This is why we offer a range of equity investments.

    Whereas a pure equity investment is not compliant with Regulation 28, our equity solutions can be used as building blocks for a compliant retirement fund investment.

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  • Multi-Asset Class

    STANLIB has a range multi-asset solutions. They are convenient all-in-one solutions for retirement funds of any size. The different risk-return profiles and inflation beating targets are achieved through carefully thought out asset allocation. If a particular retirement fund has specific investment needs, STANLIB can tailor-make a mandate to suit these.

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  • Money Market

    STANLIB has a range of near cash investments suitable to clients in need of liquidity or capital protection. These are available as unit trusts.  In addition, depending on the specific needs of a client, a tailor-made segregated portfolio can be designed.

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  • Fixed Income

    STANLIB’s fixed interest team has a long track record of award-winning portfolio management.  We offer a range of fixed interest solutions.  In addition to the unit trusts offered, STANLIB can tailor make a portfolio to suit particular client needs.

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  • International

    STANLIB Asset Management has adopted a multiple specialist approach to managing the various asset classes. As part of this approach, we have outsourced the management of our offshore fixed interest investments to Brandywine Global Investment Management and the offshore equity investments to Origin Asset Management.

    While the global bond and equity solutions have been outsourced, we do believe that we have the necessary expertise and systems to manage our Africa equity and International property solutions in-house.

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  • Property

    STANLIB’s Institutional Property Fund offers exposure to listed property stocks on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  Through rigorous research and the ability to tap into the expertise at Liberty and Standard Bank Properties, our team has produced an enviable performance track record and have won numerous performance awards in the process.

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