STANLIB Uganda is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liberty Group, and is regulated and licensed by the Uganda Retirements Benefits Regulatory Authority, and the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda.

STANLIB Uganda connects multiple investment specialists across different asset classes and markets to invest where it counts for its retail and institutional clients. STANLIB Uganda is managed by a team of local investment specialists from the company’s offices in Kampala.

STANLIB is a multi-specialist asset manager that connects retail and institutional clients with multiple investment opportunities across asset classes and markets.

We believe in multi-specialist investing to achieve extraordinary results.

Our funds include:

  • The STANLIB Uganda Income Fund, a collective investment scheme that aims to offer a reasonable level of current income while maintaining maximum stability for capital invested.

Our clients are mainly institutional and corporate investors with short-term cash management and medium- to long-term investment needs. Our retail clients comprise individual investors, high-net-worth individuals, clubs, small business associations and community cooperatives.

In an increasingly dynamic and interconnected world, our understanding of the complex connections of markets, industries, sectors and global events gives us a competitive edge to adapt to the environment, and make more informed investment decisions that lead to better investment outcomes.

STANLIB manages and administers R600 billion (USD 42 billion) (as at 31 December 2018) assets for more than 500,000 retail and institutional clients. We operate in eight African countries and in key developed markets globally.

Our Team


Humphrey Gathungu is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Accounting.

He has 14 years of experience in Fund & Asset Management, Auditing and Portfolio Management.

Currently, Humphrey is the Chief Investment Officer at STANLIB liaising with clients in setting up and managing portfolio relevant to their requirements, Managing and coordinating investment research, analysis, implementation and monitoring of investments across several asset classes.


Nancy Mucira is Chief Operating Officer at STANLIB currently providing technical and leadership oversight of all operational functions with the aim of building an efficient, responsive and technology enabled operations and financial service models that support business success.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce (Accounting) and is a member of CFA and CPA.

She has over 15 years of experience in Investment Banking Custodial Services, Customer relationship Management, Business Operations Management and Internal Audit.


Richard is the Head of Business Development at STANLIB Uganda Limited managing all aspects of business growth which includes the internal and external reporting, business development, business strategy, operations and compliance.

He has over 10 years of experience in Business Development, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Sales, team leadership and team building.

Richard Muganzi is currently pursuing a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences.


Owen is responsible for execution of strategic business objectives, providing general business management support and coordinating all activities of STANLIB Uganda Management committee. He provides leadership and technical support to the business operations function with the aim of achieving continued efficiency.

He has eleven years of experience in the industry in areas of finance, compliance and operations.